Sale! Walk in Shower Bath Large Coverable with tiles Expand

Walk in Shower Bath Large Coverable with tiles

385---0C Coverable


This combi unit is equipped with wooden panels that will be covered with the tiles you have chosen, giving you more freedom in customizing your bathroom design

Material: High Quality Acrylic

What you  will receive?

Glass door (Available Left or Right) 

Bathtub 180x70

2 Coverable panels


*Price Available until stock lasts

Seat to be purchased separately

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Shower or bathtub? Better have both, thanks to the surprising combi units in smaller sizes, adaptable to any settings. Fitted with a sturdy handle with a mechanical latch to prevent the door from being opened accidentally, the door leads to a comfortable shower area. The removable seat transforms this convenient bathtub, available with whirlpool, depending on our requirements: a genuine oasis of relaxation. The styling is truly appealing, with the utmost attention to detail and choice between several different wood finishing panels or fully covered to your liking.

Choosing a Combi unit means not having to relinquish anything. Teuco accommodates various requirements in a single solution, which is dynamic, ergonomically-designed, functional and smart. But most of all it is safe: crash tests performed on the full-height door have demonstrated the solidity of this product. Every combi unit can be decorated to suit any style. It can accommodate various spatial requirements. Practical pampering to satisfy the needs of all the family.

Lenght (mm)1800
Width (mm)700
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