Bathtub with shower enclosure Expand

Bathtub with shower enclosure



What' s in the box?

Shower bath Combo left right door 

Available with 1 or 2 Acrylic Panels 

Overflow and filler spout removable seat

Size: 170x75 cm

chrome finish

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A sophisticated combp unit, featuring strikingly simple and elegant silhouettes, yet highly pragmatic and suitable for everyday use. Prêt-à-porter collections are sketched by famous designers; they are designed to adapt to fashion trends, yet they are available to accommodate all sizes and to be worn instantly. Just like a Prêt-à-porter garment, Teuco’s new combo unit provides the perfect blend of design, style and practicality. Stunning thanks to its extremely simple shape, it decorates the bathroom in a customised fashion thanks to its versatility, providing an elegant and rational solution to accommodate the needs of the entire family

Have a look to this incredible crash test carried out in our laboratories to confirm the absolute safety and durability of the Pret à Porter combi unit


Getting into combi-unit Prêt-à-porter is easy and safe, thanks to the full-height door - patented - which makes it easier to get into the bath without having to climb over the side. The glass is tempered and blast-resistant thanks to a protective internal film to ensure maximum safety even in the event of accidental breakage.  The seal ensures a perfectly water-tight product.

With Prêt-à-porter you can rest easy, as opening the door accidentally with water in the tub is impossible thanks to a safety system that connects the door to the drain; every time you plug the drain, a mechanical latch is enabled to prevent the door from being opened.
Lenght (mm)1700
Width (mm)750
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