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Number of whirlpool jets6
Automatic sanitising
Hydro Clean System
Water capacity *220 l.
Massage Intensity Controlmanual

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The acrylic bathtub plays the starring role of the collection, enhancing the beauty and quality of the material. Its soft and harmonious shapes endow it with a charming style, while the Hydrosonic® or Hydrosilence® whirlpool affords real feelings of relaxation. Now with the addition of the new Hydroline whirlpool, the tub turns into a haven dedicated entirely to your well-being.The Nauha bathtub is designed by angeletti-ruzza design.

Teuco has invented the invisible whirlpool. Hydroline is the first patented system where the classic nozzles have been replaced by minimalist slits which ensure the continuity of the material.


These ultra-thin slits, which feature the signature trait of Giovanna Talocci, offer a cutting-edge Cromoexperience system, since they are backlit by beams of light which can be adjusted in eight different colours.

he Hydroline whirlpool stands out for:

  • 400 grams of pressure per nozzle, which is tantamount to a professional hand massage.
  • Hydro Clean System, in other words the hermetic sealing of suction and jets when the whirlpool is not in operation. The cleanliness of the circuit is also ensured when the bathtub is used without the whirlpool. It is patented by Teuco.
  • Automatic sanitising, the system which introduces a sanitising solution into the system and disinfects the pump, the jets and the surface of the bathtub. Supplied as standard on all whirlpool systems.
Lenght (mm)1700
Width (mm)700
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